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Lisa Archer

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Feb 12 2 minutes read

Are you an investor?  Then you want to know what we know.  Straight from the courthouse steps, we have the files of all the latest foreclosures.  We get them daily.  They are all published on our Investments page, here.

If you are not an investor but have thought about it and want to see if its for you, then give us a call.  If you have some cash and would like to bid on a foreclosure, we can help.  It all starts with one.  Everyone remembers their first.  This could be the beginning of a turning point.  Everything changes once you've bought your first, put in all the blood, sweat and tears (or hired a reasonable handyman) to renovate it.  Then put it on the market (that's where we come in) and try to sell it for a lot more than you bought it for based on updates and fixtures you've added to the home.  We can even guide you on what types of fixtures, flooring, lighting is appropriate and will yield you the most money at closing.   

So if you're looking for foreclosures, you'll want to know us.  

It's cool to know people who know things.  Let us help you love being an investor.

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