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Happy LOVE Month!

Lisa Archer

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Feb 12 2 minutes read

We at Live Love Homes especially LOVE the holiday around the corner, and the entire month of February for that matter.  We got a bit of a late start, but we plan to make it up to you with a LOVE post each day this month.

First off - we want to know what you LOVE most!  And would love for you to share with us and add the hashtag #LIVELOVEMONTH.

Not be corny, but we LOVE our jobs.  All of us.  Each Agent Partner, our Admin Assistant, our Closing Coordinator, our... well, you get the picture. 

I will share with you what we all love about working for Live Love Homes throughout the month.  I'll be the first to start - As the Marketing Director, I love that I can have a flexible schedule, be there for my 3 boys, while maintaining a professional marketing career working in real estate.  I also have to say that the first day that I met our COO, Lisa Archer, I instantly liked her - okay, loved her.  She seemed like a very happy, engaging, outgoing version of myself.  Not that I'm a wallflower, but I saw many qualities in her that I actually saw that I could be myself.  Now, 4 years later, I'm still on her team. 


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