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Just like that- it's 10+ years later #KWFR2017

Lisa Archer

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Feb 12 13 minutes read

The 2017 version of #KWFR "aha's" goes a little something like this... (long post, likely run on sentences, bad grammar and a lot of my tears). To all my non-Keller Williams family know there is a lot of red to follow. Here is a little trip down memory lane. My first Keller Williams Family Reunion was in Las Vegas in 2006. My Dad and I brought my Mom, sister and our older kids (then 1 and 7). I did not even have a real estate license at the time. It was a surreal trip and I met so many icons in our company and did not even know how special those relationships would be these last 10 years. By the time it was day 2, I had already decided I would be KW forever (especially after meeting Mo Anderson and getting my first of what is likely 100's of hugs now). 

I was really looking forward to this KWFR for many reasons including spending the week with our first Live Love regional director. Saturday morning before we left she texted me that I would be flying solo that her daughter had passed away. 

My heart was so broken for Wynette and her family that all I knew to do was contact KW Cares and see what we could do to help. Even though Rachel Tang was prepping for a crazy busy week in Vegas she got me everything I needed to do to help this grieving family have one less thing to worry about.  We are so grateful that there are so many extra prayers and encouragement for Wynette's family.

I do beg forgiveness for more than normal names I could not remember, meetings I double booked and extra hugs I gave this week (well not the hugs part).

Sunday night was the Maps Mastery Event at the High Roller. What a fun night loving on, learning more about, having fun and being together with our MAPS family.One of my coaching clients was lucky enough to spend a trip around the ferris wheel with Dianna.  Andrea Romero has persevered through some amazing challenges the last 18 months and their business has never been stronger. Right at quadrupling their business I could not be more proud of them (I also was blessed to meet and sit with her amazing lead agent Bethany on the plane to Vegas-small, awesome world right there).  


#KWYP Summit notes: 

When I am in my 60's I sure do hope I can rock amazing leather pants and fur like Georgia Alpizar. Are you going to be ready when opportunity taps you on the shoulder?   Chris Heller spoke about ego and that if others are focused on you or vice-versa that you will never win.  Focus on yourself and what you can do. Your only competition looks you in the eye every morning in the mirror. Dianna- consistency compounds and so does inconsistency. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to win? Will you do the Rule of 5 EVERYDAY? 1 Lead Generate 2. Lead Follow-up 3. Appointments 4. Negotiate 5. Role Play. Jeremiah Taylor was amazing talking about his journey and the opportunity map. The only politics in this company today is performance based. Cary Sylvester (also this week rocked some amazing leather) talked about project upstream and what it means to us. Take ownership in something more than yourself and your life will grow. Cody Gibson talked about lead generation finding a sale and that lead follow-up will build a business. This is so true and something we are constantly talking about with our agents. He also talked about when posting on Facebook that your only objection should be to "Stop the Scroll". We chatted briefly yesterday about this and I could not agree more. The last panel of the event was one that I moderated. My amazingly talented panel included Rachel Adams, Haro Setian, Tiffany Tykes and Chris Suarez. I did a Facebook Live video of this panel (feel free to go watch it here).  


Quantum Leap (the class that sealed the deal for my joining this company) -

Gary taught QL to open the event. Wow, just when you thought this company couldn't get better.. High achievers have a coach or two or three.  Find the model that leverages and then master it. We fail our way to success, often and fast and forward, . Success is about doing the RIGHT thing, not everything. To win, you are going to need a high clash of ideas and low clash of ideas, leadership knows NO position. Achievers always work with a sense of priority and purpose and your environment must support your goals. We are capable of building dynasties when we believe we can. It's ok to live a purposeful, wealth abundant life because money is good for the good it can do.  Gary had one of my dearest friends and mentors Ben Kinney as a special guest. He told his life story and while I knew most of it, that time was so powerful and moving especially given where are Live Love family is this week. Thank you Ben and Gary for your true heart and soul sharing with us. "Life's greatest revenge is forgiveness". I am sure there are a few of you reading this that needed to be let free of that one.  

Gary ended the QL talking about KW Kids Can and teaching QL to our youth.

This is one of the workshops that I am teaching in 2017.  Best class you ever attend is the one you teach- it's so true, teaching ESO Lite 20+ times this year is the goal and we are over halfway full on our schedule. We learn so much every time we open the teacher manual and start talking. 

Right after that was Kristan Cole leading a panel on Expansion and I was able to spend some time with the now newly-wed Lynne Gerding (wonder if she is changing her last name now <3). 

You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. I could not be more grateful to our 5 Dolls group. We had an amazing night of master-minding, laughing, sharing great Thai food and best of all just being us. You ladies inspire me to go places I did not know existed. I can't imagine doing this without you.


Tuesday was Valentine's Day (my amazing hubby was supposed to be with me this trip as well and last minute had an opportunity he could not pass up) and it was such an incredible day of learning and deepening relationships. Luckily, I did end up with a Valentine- you are a class act I love working with and watching you grow, Rebecca Hill.  

Unless your business family believes you care it does not matter how much you care.

The Vision Speech had more High C information and stats than I can safely throw at you, however I will give you my biggest take-away. 3% of the entire production (units) that Keller Williams did in 2016 was closed by expansion business'. You can't tell me that they won't be taking over the industry with that data. 

After a power woman lunch with Valentine's-Marci James, Amanda Todd and Vanessa Murray, I had a panel - Expand Your Reach with Social Media where Caitlin Bauer moderated her first panel and did amazing. It's the passion that I have had since I started on this journey teaching and I love to show agents how to teach their second databank. When GK said at least 7 times this week that Your business is your database, you better know how to touch your online community.

Tuesday night I had the privilege of singing Mo Anderson a happy almost 80th birthday at the Red Bash and spending the evening with our newest family in Chicago.The BOYzzz and Mary, I am forever grateful for your friendship, support and chocolate covered strawberries. I am excited the Dang Doors are open in Lincoln Park and am excited to be with you at the Grand Opening on 3/30. #BelieveItWednesday :

Love on your world and attach them to as many "people" as possible. - Leann Harris 
How many "I care" calls are you doing 2-10-40! - Kristan Sapp Cole
Break bread with your leader and they'll grow roots. What are their dreams, desires and goals? - Tony Hughes
Make sure you're speaking abundance in your Market Center. Your energy is your lead and education is your friend. - Hope Brazzell
Expansion is the future of this company. - Gary Keller. (see a theme here? What you focus on expands right?)

State of the Company packed a lot more amazing record breaking numbers and innovation. While that was all amazing, it paled in comparison that I was able to be there when my best friend in the company was named Vice President of Keller Williams. Holly Priestner you have a heart of gold and the tenacity to match. We are so blessed to have you at this company and I will be your biggest cheerleader.  

Now likely the aha notes you were all waiting for.. Hopefully you did not start at the bottom. Wednesday afternoon of KWFR always ends with a bang. This year was no exception when some of my closest friends and mentors sat in the room with Gary and were able to talk about our aha's.  

You can be anywhere you want to be in 5 years. The difference is the platform you have built with the right people, systems and mindset. Are you expanding your success instead of expanding to gain success? Are you succeeding through others? One of our biggest problems is finding people who like the way we work and can grow it. Business only grows to the extent the leaders do.  Every great coach has a least 1 great player. Think Phil Jackson.  When you get to the size that we have it starts working for you (did you hear about the partnership with Facebook?). Another highlight was my conversation with Our amazing Tech VP Josh Team and the guys from Facebook. Why are you paying to AVOID the pain of lead generation? You do realize that KW is a technology company right?

Act like the market that is coming, not the one that you are in. Have you looked at fixed expenses lately? Have you earned the right to call yourself a team or are you still a collection of individual agents for the most part? What is your goal to earn that right? Are you fierce about your time, promise if you were that you would be even more productive. There is only 2 things that win in the real estate game... Lead generation for listings and lead generation for leverage. Leverage is a choice, GK put the profit back into hiring amazing people for the first 7 years of the company.  All you have to judge is a 411 and results. Think.. "Time Wounds, All Heals"!

Some of us have created straight jackets instead of systems. Why are we focusing on the wrong things and majoring in the minors? The choice is yours to develop leaders or robots. Models are uniformed customer experiences. Add a great person to KW distribution network and you create a billion dollar opportunity.- Wow insight Wendy Papasan. We need to be willing to let our worlds be big. Find the right people to support and let them build it to their hearts desire. If we are in business with the right people to do that, they will be the ones putting pressure on us to expand. The more clear I am about my WHY the easier this business gets and the more fun we have. To be financially free we are looking for 3-5 relationships. Always keep in mind that everyone you meet has the opportunity to buy, sell, invest or start a career in real estate or know someone. Love on them so they remember you. 

Carissa Acker talked about the amazing relationships with Productivity Coaches and man I am blessed to have one as a part of our Live Love family. (Shout out to Cheri Infante). Diane Griffin pretty much brought it home with her journey of transformational coaching and what It has done in her life. (Love you lady). 

I was invited to the Midwest Regional Awards event and it's amazing what is going on up there. So excited to be a part of their journey. 

Not to leave out the Inspirational Breakfast with Mo, there just are no words, you have to feel and experience it for yourself. Jesse Dill, I am so excited about Red Notes and what it will mean for our company and continuing to build culture. 

So now that I have poured my heart out about my #KWFR experience, what was your biggest aha? If you want to talk about expansion, teaching, questions about our 5-5-5 model or just want to say hi, please do here! Cheers to the most amazing 2017 you could dream of.

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