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Life is hard, just keep learning. Spring 2017 mastermind ahas

Lisa Archer

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Feb 12 4 minutes read

Life is hard. It requires work and diligence to get the most out of it is how we started MM.

The goal is immovable. People, activity, behavior, actions are all moveable. It is not the goals fault if you don't hit it. What will YOU do to make sure you do? The purpose of creating a goal is to create an action plan to achieve it.  

We are not hiring for perfection. WE must have LOVE AND RESULTS!!

We complicate things to hide behind inaction- Ben Kinney AND it is impossible to expand complicated..-ME <3

GK has a sign in his office that says, "I am looking for someone whose it's their next logical step to fill this role. He is still standing because he survived his mistakes..

Failure is an absolute when you set a big enough goal. You are always going to fail.- Think Top Grading (book). 

One Page Talent Management book was our reading this mm. If we settle for less than great talent we are blocking true talent from coming into our worlds. Instead of building through them we have to go around them. 

We have 1 page goals: (1-3-5); 1 page review (4-1-1) and the 4 conversations. Keep it simple. Look for speed and intelligence. Everything else can be taught. Put pressure on hires and stress test via loyalty. If everyone is constantly hiring their replacement to move up - key.. Are they pushing to go or YOU to GROW?

As leaders we tend to have 2 fears:

1. They can't do it without me.   AND    2. They Could... 

Expansion is inevitable when you have the right people who are going to naturally take you there. Look at your key 3 hires and develop a plan to get them to their 3 year goals in less time.  Keep in mind your 3 key hires now need their 3 -5 key hires for substantial growth. If you get any part of their job back or they get a job back from someone they hired it really is their job. There will never be a ceiling to hit your head on when we are constantly creating new circles and lines on the org chart. 

Stress is stress in 1 location or 752. Batten down the hatches on expenses and act like you are in the next shift. 

We need to be constantly committed to the number. Number of listings and number of apts for leverage is most important. Who do you know that might be looking to change careers and would love an opportunity on our rocket ship?  We are different because of our culture. If you are short on the goal then we have to double the effort / actions to hit it. 

Maximize profit by building a moat around your business. Models-systems-people. How often do we breed our competition that could have been a better partner? We need to hire leaders and turn them into sales people until the opportunity to be leaders presents itself or is earned. You will find the Navy seals but you have to have a navy for them to be found in. 


We are prepared when everyone knows what to do. Make sure you practice harder than any game you will ever have to play in. - Bill Belichick.  -

On Thursday I had the amazing opportunity to learn from and share with over 400 of Austin's best agents. My big take-aways: 

It's hard to have uphill dreams with downhill habits.  Delayed glorification requires GRIT, faith and effort. Your standards are the lowest possible model for economic model. If MREA built KW it's going to build Live Love too. 

What is your one aha and can I help you with it?

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