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Lisa Archer

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Feb 12 12 minutes read

Success is survival.. - This is how my brain feels after 3 full days in Austin with Gary Keller (special thanks to Jay Papasan for finding me ibuprofen).

Everything needs to come from inside the business. Looking at the next opportunity to invest in market centers. Meet your leaders to check in and discuss goals and achievements. Success leaves clues just like failure. If it got you there, keep it up and 10 x it. When Jobs and Gates retired, did they have to go outside of their company's for their replacement?

The system is what makes us consistent with service. If you are not following the system this is where you will fail at consistent service. You are only as good a your ability to follow the system. ** You’re assistant is going to drive you crazy and you are going to not be able to spend any time with them (AND this usually means they ARE the RIGHT one).  We succeed because we get it all done (the important things we do amazing- generate lead and get it closed) doing it all well (ourselves) is a fantasy. 

Let you set the standards (goals) and I am not the one that does not hit them or is exceeding them. If you are hitting the standards then we talk about anything you want. If not, we talk about why you are not and what to do about it. ***This is the reason that the numbers are the only things that matter when they’re not hitting them. We can talk about their stuff anytime they want when they are hitting them. 

Support can look like Saving when you don’t have standards. When you support and try to help people without standards, you are just a rescuer. Constantly focus on intent and moving forward. What do you think you should do? What does that look like? How can you reach that? What does a support plan look like around that?

RECRUIT to that NUMBER.. Leverage only matters to get to the #Listings number..

Did you hit your goals? I hear resignation in your voice.. You can’t say that when you were distracted and did not hold them accountable. 

WE need to be in Career Visioning ASAP.. Do not go home and start hiring people… Raise the standards and hold them accountable. Read Top Grading again. 

I only need to award an opportunity to the next person who this person is the next opportunity in their life. Are they willing to expand.  Become the ninja of the RS/CV process, leverage.

Leverage will ultimately put you out of business … wear you out if you don’t and lift you up to GROW when you do. ****Leverage is the only way life changes. You are missing a relationship. Mentor, Coach, Trainer, Leverage (Success through others). Creating Success through SUCCESS through others. What is their goal? In the culture of the company the most violated is the S- Succeed through others. Force growth through success- person.. Make a hire- until they’re brilliant then make next hire.

A high  performing person can join a TEAM and it feels like  GROUP because they don’t plug-in to the systems AND the culture. You can lead a horse to water, provide them opportunity and you can’t make them drink or WIN. We are looking for thirsty horses.

MREA 2 Leads-Listings-Leverage- Every person you bring into the org chart and life has one goal. Add more listings to the business. ***** Listings is the only things that matters.  The day you give up fighting for the listing, is the day the industry start moving away. Maximizing  potential in HUB market. Can you see everyone on your current org chart succeeding in the next role? If not, how can we train them to be a success? Where is your line in the sand? We need those people in the role.. then the next one.. then the next one.. 

Going wide too fast-spread too thin- easy to lose.. “Build it to be able to take a break.. How can you possibly go at full speed as long as you have”. Might have to shrink things down to move forward. Bulk up and then shred down. Quantity to Quality.

People that do it the best, don’t want to let it go. Delegate (they are not necessarily the most efficient and think they are overworked). Do they need additional systems or time block better? Looking to hire people who tend to leverage. Identify and observe their past … (Tell me about your life).. Find people that manage other people already.. Have built departments etc.  Perfection is highly over-rated. No one has ever cul-de-sac themselves out by lack of skill (they won’t live leverage).  

When I am the recruiter I am invested. When I am the judge I am not. (***** AHA******)

Expansion.. true north through 2 things.. Lead gen and the right people- these are your singular drivers. (either you do LG or the right people do). Expansion works AND It’s still evolving. It’s happening. Find your freight train.  Let them build it and move out of the way. Make sure you are clear- it's a Rat (sink or swim) test. Launch should be hell.. The first 30-60 days should be hell. Are they gritty enough to last?

Do you have 50 leads a month to another location,  for 36 closings a year? (Short answer, easily)  It takes time,  6-12 months. Do the people we are getting into business with have GRIT?

Keep REFOCUSING. Facebook narrowed focus…..we can’t be all things to all people. Success leaves clues.  Start small to grow big. Be expanding based on winning battles. Then it sets you up for the next one and the next one. 

If we don’t FOCUS on what matters MOST, then you don’t focus on anything. We are finding ourselves bored and do something else. GET BACK to the BASICS!!! Avoid the distractions, this is what Gritty people do. Success leaves clues, don’t quit before the boredom pays off and you are so used to doing the actions that have gotten you where you are. If you can connect the DOTS between the boredom and the outcomes that will come from it. STAY FOCUSED!!!

Not wanting a big business is selfish. How can you create a bigger world for people without creating a big business? How many people do you want to touch in your life?

Unpredictable, stability is an allusion. And GK always creates stress. Grit comes to those that are clear as to their Big Why. Getting grittier as you get older. The bigger the why the more focus you can / should have around it as you work toward it. Fail faster.  Page 72 - 77 MREA…. Think Powered by a Big Why...Deliberate practice. 

Should be model builders. (MREA- unlimited power. Everything in your life that matters should have a model). Set of guiding principles around what matters to you. Think Quantum Leap, Empire Builder (GK models)- the way you think things work.  Read to validate your models. (411). 

GK spends all his time now thinking and adjusting the plans.. Step back from doing and it will get done. Number one goal of the role he plays with his top people is to challenge them.. Why do you think that way, why are we doing that? If I am in your job my only goal is listings, # of, best priced, fastest sold and then use those stats to get the next one. (this is game changer)

Your database is your business. Treating them like members and a part of something special is your differentiating factor. Are you putting pressure on your HUB?  What if we did an event where I taught BOOM to our small business owner clients?

BOOKS must read (AGAIN): Everyone on the core team (we have to be and speak the same language)




Million Dollar Habits (this was book that changed GK life)

Mastery (George leonard) 

Growth Hacker Ryan Holiday 

The Ultimate Secret to Get Everything you Want

Nutrition , exercise and meditation (start and end of the day.. 


  1. Im an agent not a business person. YOU ARE ONLY A BUSINESS PERSON. They do it. (leverage)
  2. Expansion is for companies not for agents
  3. I can just make more money with my current team.
  4. My plate is so full with my current business i don’t see how i have the bandwidth or resources to do this. 

Today is like a bathing suit, what i have shown you is interesting and what I have not shown you is vital.


Talent is overrated. More practice equals more flow. Potential is one thing, look for grit Unremarkable hard workers are the ones that win.Interest Practice Purpose and Hope- DOn’t give up

***Write down 25 goals and then throw out 20 of them!! Use leverage to hire someone to master the the 20 things you wont  do. We do not have the time to master everything. Be amazing at fewer things that master. What matters MOST? the 1 thing….GK natural tendency is to carry people with him to the finish line. (Sound familiar) this is why he is not a great one to hire.

No reason to keep reading John Maxwell over and over again if you don’t implement the first one you read. Learn it, create your systems and grow….

How do you teach your kids grit? Do you ever want to become a 7th level parent, really?

He with the most failure wins WHEN you learn from your failures. Look at the biggest winners.. they have the same schedule. Failure is not getting it done YET..

Masterminds represents for you an ELITE team- usually have to go outside your market to find. Mastermind goal is to work ON your BUSINESS not IN your BUSINESS..  

Nick Saban goal is to teach his players to win each play… WOW.. 

Organic Growth of business is having no borders. Willing to or NOT to go to another market. GK did San Antonio, it was awesome, then went to DFW, Houston etc and they were failure.. He then put it in a book (Launch and operation manual and agent training manual- taught them)- this is when it will build itself.

Blessing about kids are that you have been given the gift of a selfless life. So blessed to have become a Quantum Leap instructor ** Purposeful about 6 times in 2017 (who wants to book me now?) The student never judges the teacher as being a slow learner. Being on the journey. No one can be upset about Gary talking about himself. Children have never been very good at respecting their elders, but they’re great at modeling them.

Money is good for the good it can do. You will never run out of opportunities. 

Do an act of kindness every day and you will never get paid back. 

***Gary is now worried about John Davis. Is he healthy, happy and hitting his goals? What can GK do to support him? ***

Hit these goals by taking these actions. Create the business plan and build the org chart to it.  How can you attract people with a big vision if your lid is low? 

By teaching you are creating your future and training the next generation. The ability to earn the opportunity becomes your differentiator..Who are your people who wake up in the am and say “let’s do this”.. Build the empire around them. If you are ready to grow are they ready to grow with you?

Business planning Clinic.. Denise should teach it. Best Sunday School class I attended was the one that I taught.

Are you running a training/coaching program? Does your calendar convict you?  The best and brightest then will start doing it with you and or instead of you. This will easily answer your value prop question. Are you really going to help them be all they can be? 

Why work with us? To get to where they want to go.. 

CREATE BIG WHY. what are theirs? Change the world. the vehicle to do it is real estate..

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