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#RememberThatTimeAtMegaCamp aka "Aha's" from KWMC 2016

Lisa Archer

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Feb 12 4 minutes read

Having reviewed my notes from Mega Camp for a few weeks now.....  

Trusting that by sharing some of my aha's that you will be able to implement them into your personal and business life.  Would love to also hear your top aha's as well so that I can share with the Live Love Homes family and coaching rockstars.  Masterminding with the best of the best is always an unprecedented value.

Expansion- We are not the government and must not create entitled agents. Our value proposition is not leads, what are you providing for systems, coaching and growth opportunity? Are you testing the market as far as your lead generation levers go? Are you making sure that the agents are a strong culture and service fit for your business? Have you completed a Lead Generation audit this year. Don't fear failure, if you are not breaking the systems as you are growing you aren't.  Make sure to fix it fast.  As soon as you have standards in place and followed you will have attrition.  Make sure you are monthly cutting expenses. The SHIFT is coming. This is an all hands on deck relationship. Mike Fleming, "Quantity will lead to Quality". We are a culture of lead generation, a solution based customer service organization and believe in integrity in all things (team over self). It's easy to lead generate, what is hard is hiring with patience.  Your success is judged by the size of your databank. (message me for how we are building a massive DB).

Is your ISA the pipeline police? Tim Heyl talked about when he hired her she was the new law and order for their leads to make sure that they were worked and closed because that was how she was compensated. When you implement an OSA model, the results are not immediate. Like any other lead generation cycle a good Outside Sales Agent will be productive in 90 days. They have implemented the Jr Agent model where 80% of their day consists of lead generation and 20% being mentored. They hold open houses at $50 a home. They also use the language of sales internships instead of sales jobs. Check out Tim's MAPS group coaching program.  Remember, Talent is looking for an opportunity never a job.

Are you fearful of making a Mike Hicks like "promise"? That is the level of service you should be giving. The world is always watching as your values are always on display. 

Leadership knows no position. -Althea Osborne. When the coach is one of the players, the team is impure. The players take the team to the Superbowl. The level of talent on the team is what sets it apart. The coach that gets it can create the dynasty. Don't waste a draft pick.   "If you want to have above average results, you've got to do above average activities."

Dianna K. teaches us to use A*C*T. "A" for actions you MUST take, "C" for changes you MUST make, and "T" for training you MUST implement either for your business. As you go through your notes, mark A, C, or T aside of each one. Then take your top 3 and narrow it down to 1 "A", 1 "C", and 1 "T" that you will start TODAY!

Excited to see you next year in Vegas at Family Reunion , until then we would love to service your referrals in our Live Love Homes locations: Charlotte (entire metro including Rock Hill, Fort Mill, SC); Dallas, Texas; Syracuse, NY and watch for a huge announcement in the next week of new locations and opportunities where ESO Lite is being taught.

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