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WHO's in your tribe? My 2016 #KWFR recap!

Lisa Archer

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Feb 12 8 minutes read

I know you are fully expecting to hear me say how wonderful, amazing and inspiring that Keller Williams Family Reunion 2016 was so let me not disappoint.  Let me say this.. It was important for me to be around my tribe. In 2015, we laughed, cried, failed, changed, succeeded, grew, and down right learned a lot. It was fun, draining and exhilarating at the same time. I arrived in New Orleans just in time Friday night to walk into the Mega Agent Mixer hosted by Josh Anderson, Tim Houk and Tosha Corrigan. We raised almost $20,000 for KW Kids Can.  As one of 150 instructors, it was a blessing to do my part. Scott Panella... I will make sure your $ is well worth the coaching and workout we will do soon. Joe Zimmerman (new to the KW family), Abe Shreve (my Maps coach), and Seth Campbell I learned a ton and love sharing the stage with each of you. What I took away was dream big and time block your way to reaching them. IMG_6921.PNG

Saturday morning this Mommy was conflicted. Mini-Me has never had a dance competition that I was not there cheering her on. Thankfully her dance tribe and amazing Daddy could be to see her bring home the hardware.  IMG_6940.JPG

I was front row at #KWYP (see they are going to kick me out in a few years) learning from Dianna Kokoszka, Mo Anderson and Chris Heller. Focus on for success: Personal development, Goal Setting and Becoming financially independent says Dianna. Mo reinforced that not sharing this company with others is not keeping the culture.  Chris told us "There's nothing you can't accomplish. Walk the walk, there is no limit to what you can't create. When you're stretching and growing you will be making tons of mistakes.. What you do after is what really matters. Take care of your body. You only get one. Works out everyday - feels bad when doesn't and it relieves stress." (I know that's how I feel now.)  

After a fantastic lunch with my new tribe member, Caryn Prall we officially kicked off the event learning from the master, Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. He who controls the listing controls what you earn. Why are you giving up leads? Success in life starts with you imagining that. You have the right to a big life. Who are the 5 people in your tribe? Make a stand on your first hire- hire talent.IMG_6948.JPG


Saturday night, as a Maps coach and client we celebrated at Mardi Gras 

World. As someone who grew up on the MS coast and has always known Mardi Gras.. the behind the scenes was quite amazing.  It was awesome to see and spend time with several of my coaching clients. I am so invested in their success and love watching them grow. 

Speaking of clients..Congrats to Cory Meyer for being awarded top honors in his region. IMG_7079.JPG

Sunday started off with a 7:30 am panel talking about one of my favorite technologies.. Dotloop. Make a loop for your referral contracts. Having our Transaction Coordinator-Cheri and Listing Manager -Kerri on the front row was awesome. Who am I kidding, I was relieved they were there to help in case I needed an answer. It was capped off when they brought me beignets. IMG_7074.JPG


Valentine's Day couldn't have been any more special than to have a great meeting with Mo Anderson. The single most important meeting I have had in years happened with the greatest mentor I could have ever prayed for.  We rode a golf cart through the back tunnels of the convention center to make it to the Vision Speech on time. Mission accomplished.... Are you earning 10% from your database, if not that is the place to start. IMG_7015.JPG


#KYWP social media panel with Liz Landry, Jaimie Moerbe and Nick Baldwin was fun from start to finish. Sharing our tips and tricks to being purposeful online and discussing what is next with a standing room only crowd made for an informative time.  

My 2 guests and I then went to hear Mo's "Joy Filled Life" presentation. As she told me privately earlier, she said again.. "Follow your dreams and ask for what you need. IMG_7025.JPG

Forgiveness does not come with giving up standards and comes with accountability." 

Monday was another early morning workout in a rather empty gym! The State of the Company address shared great news of growth in agent count, transactions, volume, profit and that 2017 #kwfr will be in Vegas.2016 growth was 3 times bigger than NAR- 6% vs 18%, Agent count -16% vs 76%, Closed volume - 11% vs 24%. So proud to be apart of the #1 market center in all of KWRI- Congrats Brenda Benson and Ballantyne - who wants to be a part? KW has a new listing agreement with @zillow - YOUR phone number and YOUR photo on all listings-"My Listing-My Lead" is intact!IMG_7045.JPG

Expansion is the talk of the conference and the panel led by Gary Keller and Kristan Cole was no exception. Thank you for your leadership, coaching and mentorship Kristan. It's not a lead receiving team.. You are the lead generator.. It's a gym- we provide the coaching and equipment. Emotional fitness takes time. Is your calendar reflective of your time for talent, lead generation, learning?  You have to put in the work-Adam Hergenrother. Ben Kinney highlights- Poor people think about the splits, rich people think about the denominator. I run a training & tech comp that happens to sell real estate that works for a training & tech comp that sells real estate. Be careful who you model yourself after. Pick one and don't have too many models.  Think in terms of who instead of how or what.. Think WHO!! Go fail.. And faster - Brian Gubernick. Just do it.. Don't get left behind. - Jason Abrams-let tomorrow be tomorrow. IMG_7071.JPG

The next 2 hours was an unbelievable opportunity with Gary Keller and the best in our company. Raise, don't lower your standards. Just because I am here for love, my standards are not. Don't let your personal life put pressure on your business. This is where the mistakes can happen. Ethics, moral and performance, Set your standards and be ready to defend them just like your hires. IMG_7072.JPG

Julie Nelson invited me to be a guest on her new podcast. We had a great time recapping and talking about our business wins, learning opportunities and our industry. Thank you for the opportunity and I am excited for your new venture. 

For the second time during the event, I was able to contribute and raise a lot of money for KW Kids Can. Another amazing agent is coming to workout and be coached by me as a result of the Lab Coats event. A big thank you to Nick and Tristan and my panelists Tim Heyl, Rachel Adams, Karina Loken, Sofia Chacon, Knolly Williams and Sara De Saint Marceaux. IMG_7077.JPG

The end of KWFR is always the Inspirational Breakfast hosted by Mo Anderson and Kellie Clark. True to form there were no dry eyes and our culture or secret sauce showed through. 

Oh and did I mention the beignets? Special thanks to Josh, Crystal and Summer for making sure I ate on this trip. IMG_7034.JPG

Thank you so much to the amazing leadership, events team and agents who made this a trip worthy of being away from my Big Why's for a couple of days. Until Master Minds, ESO, Recruit Select, Mega Camp, Career Vision and others....I will see you online. Feel free to call, write or reach out. I would love to know your Aha moments, tell me about your breakthroughs AND as always we will LOVE on your referrals just as you do. (Charlotte, NC; Syracuse, NY; Birmingham, AL; Dallas, TX; Chicago & Emerald Coast, FL)


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