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Lisa Archer

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Feb 12 4 minutes read

The Live Love Homes family spent 2 full days together pouring into and having healthy debate on where are big wins and opportunities have come in 2016. We are finishing this year strong and ready for 2017. 

Day 1 started at the first step to Bold, then a keynote by Chris Smith from Curaytor and author of the Conversion Code and finished up with my teaching a new version of my class BOOM to our agents written just for them.  

You know you are on the page when without discussing it you show up with the same outfit. Thank you for keeping us comfortably dressed Brivity and Curaytor. We love working with you. Cheri was upset she did not have a black Dotloop t-shirt for the record in case anyone wants to send her some.

Day 2 was 100% of Immersion training with Abe Shreve. Abe has been my Maps coach for a little over a year.  I posted about our event yesterday on Facebook and asked who wanted to see my aha's so here they are. 

 Abe is the most amazing - giving- drop the 🎤 person in my world. Thank you for your care, candor and love for everyone in that world.. Our lives will be forever changed for the time you spent with us today during the Live Love Homes  All Star Advance Mastermind. This group can take on and win anything together..

Does your coach show up like this? (yes we were all frightened a little and not sure if it was  the extra strength 5 hour energy he drank or when he told us his most embarrassing moment during the ice breaker). 

Have you studied the highest ranked customer service business? The Ritz Carlton has the rule, "The one who receives the issue, owns the issue".  Even if you are not the one who can ultimately solve the problem, it is your job to own the eventual outcome. 

Are you having healthy conflict in your organization? Does everyone feel like they can come to the table and voice their opportunities, excitements and everything in between? Sometimes when dealing with clients, cross agents etc.. the conflict isn't really about the issue they are bringing. You are only allowed to swim in the crazy after 12 each day AND when you are home give your family the permission to say to me... "Can you MOM OR WIFE me now"? 

How are you crafting your words? What you say and how your say it every single time is key.. 

Are you following the Shift principles? Getting Real and Getting Right is imperative to move forward. Learn how to do more with less going into a shift. Your customer service score will tell you if your skill is going to produce future business. 

The Success Team is equally important to the Sales Team. If you can't read what Abe is pointing to, it says Love Abe Days (look which team was sucking up). When Abe starts pointing his finger, you had better be listening to what is coming next.  Treat your day as 2 stores. From 8-12 the only things that are able to be done in that store is lead generating and converting and the second store does not open until that happens. The other store who deals in the crazy only opens at 12.Abe took about an hour with the Sales Team and they covered everything from the words to craft to what levers to pull. They talked about how to tweak and bring even more value to  buyers and sellers with Mega Open Houses along with a an after sale plan and weekly market report.  Now what right? Creating a new 15th of the month protocol that brings in the entire team is part of this coming week  homework. We are also 7 videos into a new resource video library where are will take our operations manual and complete the video library for every new hire and current team member to be cross trained and utilize video resources. 

Have you planned your business advance time for next year yet?

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