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When the student is ready the teacher will appear

Lisa Archer

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Lisa is the Chief Opportunity Officer at Live Love Homes Worldwide...

Feb 12 8 minutes read

I have heard that phrase over and over for years. It has pretty much become my education/mastermind/training law. Every time I hear something different because of where I am as a wife, Mommy or leader or learner for that matter.  This trip to Austin was no different.  

Monday I was there beside my dear friend Jason Abrams as he checked something off his bucket list. He taught for the first time at KWRI. I guess as his side kick that means I got to check it off mine too. I literally have 2 pages of notes from everyone in the room sharing their wins, fail forwards (literally since Nick Waldner was there. We have created #FailForwardFriday for our entire organization via Zoom video each week.

Tuesday, Gary Keller hosted the perfect Virtual Mega Camp since we did a huge pivot back in August when the hurricanes devastated Texas and we sent serious man power, love and support to the front lines. From a market update where new numbers show that For Sale By Owners get 5.5% less than those that list with an agent to an amazing technology update-have you heard about Labs (you know we are virtually based and physically enhanced)- Jay, Josh and Gary brought immense knowledge. 

The lead generation panels were beyond value driven. Do you have a play book (Laura Gillott rocks), a Raving Fans book (Peter Chabris) and 3-5 sources that you focus on? Remember, what you focus on expands. Are you doing this with your heart? Like Chris Suarez we truly believe that if we teach you how to fish (LG) then all we have to do to help you reach your goal is create a system and a model around it. David Huffaker I loved the idea of early week Just Sold calls (we also like to sprinkle in some door knocking here).  Dan Beer and Steven Cohen (love their approach to print/farming- however this is not one of our 3-5 levers at this time). How do you moat your business? Well, you make LG the cornerstone and you don't entertain the crazy until after noon right Abe Shreve (just so happens this amazing man is my MAPS coach). There is no seasonality once you make peace with the boredom of the activity. Are you married to the outcome and will do whatever it takes to make it happen? Abe says you are free to swim in the crazy after noon each day, before that your business depends on lead generation and followup.  Sheena Saydem talked about Facebook and using it as a database. Justin Seeby and Ryan Graham rock reviews and you can see it from the results and business that have driven from them. Kevin Blain has built a world class ISA department. "Give me a lead, I will nurture it long enough and they will buy".  

The growth panels were phenomenal. Vija Williams not only looked beautiful and rocked that conversation. Is it failure or is it the process? What an amazing interview with Gary. My Mom texted me, “Man, I like this girl!” Leadership goes to the front to cast a vision, and goes to the back to take a job. You replace production with a growth activity. It might go from leads for buyers and sellers to talent to grow a real estate empire. Learn to inspect what you expect! Culture is a cornerstone when we’re building a community! 


The next Power Woman panel (must be a coincidence lol) was Christy Grossman who talked about their systems and that she brought into the company over $500,000 by creating and using them. Is everyone in your business making or costing money? Taylor Kerrigan talked about their biggest mistake being communicating. In the morning she works in the business to keep the doors open and in the afternoon on the business to grow it. She believes that her Success Team is there to make you more successful. Brittany Brands and Karina Loken from The Loken Group talked about their process and not to cheat them. Pretty sure that is why Brittany will close 250 listings in 2017 and Karina is getting 100's of resumes a week from outside of the industry. Jen Davis, lead buyer agent with Dan Holt will do 225+ buyer sides in 2017 with 2 showing agents (both outside the industry) and neither ever asked about splits. She works towards their goals.  David Devoe chatted with Gary and Jay about expansion and working on the HUB for a long time while taking ESO 5 times the first year at KW. Gary talks about the speed at which you can lay the track while you are driving the train is easier with one track. Imagine if it were 4 tracks. Put pressure on the organization to earn the right to open the next location.  The last panel of the day was Jay and Wendy Papasan talking about wealth building. Are your goals written down? Are they big enough? Do you have net worth goals?  Wendy's advice is take the first step of buying a home or moving up if you already own one. Jay's is think bigger and create the plan.  Think-Earn- Give a million. KW has created a system that has given away a BILLION $ in profit share. Help enough people get what they want and you will always get what you want. How many millionaires can you help create thus changing families and communities. Draw your circles and work for them. 

Every year Jay and Wendy host a poker tournament for Heroes for Children. It supports families dealing with childhood cancer. Every aspect of your life your business is your database... come to think of it, our strategy for record ticket sales deserves its own blog post! Thankful that Sue let me be her showing agent to raise money for these families.:)

Lastly we had a 3 hour mastermind on the prior 2 days. Your databank is your business and you are an idiot if you don't treat it that way. What are your 3-5 lead generation levers? 

Truths of lead generation are: 1. you have to do it 2. No one in the organization stops lead generating 3. make it simple with a playbook. 4. the fortune is in the follow up 5. reviews- are you inspecting what you expect. No matter your # goal, it all depends on the activity you are willing to do to earn it. Referrals and repeat client business is the litmus test of your quality of service. Our company exists because we are 100% profitable and that makes us income sharing too. Market centers are morphing into virtually based and physically enhanced just like we are building in expansion. You know you have the right people in your business when they wake up daily and want your job and are forcing the growth.  

Laws of Listings: 1. List to last 2. Goals are only concerned with number of seller appointments. 3. Reviews 4. Control the listings and control the market. Are you balancing love and results?  Laws of Leverage: 1. Quality is in the quantity (can't have the Seals without a big navy) 2. Don't deviate from your standards 3. Your best people will also teach and train 4. Your best people will want a coach. 

We are excited to have been a part of such an amazing week and look forward to the next opportunity.  Let me know who would like us to come teach and train next. Who knows we might bring a bucket of donuts.

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